Torah Study

Leaving Christianity and Finding Truth in Torah Judaism was founded by Aprill Nefores while questioning her own faith. She runs two popular Facebook groups geared to those who are questioning their Christianity. Aprill also has a separate confidential Facebook page as some members are not ready to go public with their new belief system.

To be clear, these groups are questioning, leaving, or have left Christianity.  We welcome questions.

The groups are a safe place (free of missionizing, guilt, and hell-fire threats) to share your knowledge of Scripture and receive support and fellowship as well as learn from Rabbi’s, Torah teachers, and people who have been through this very emotional process. It's a wonderful mixture of Jews and Noahides coming together to serve the One True G_d. Our members range from Frum (Religious Jews) from birth all the way to people who left Christianity today. We have a beautiful mixture of Jews, Converts, and Noahides all learning together.



About Us....

 We welcome your respectful questions, and are we here to help you through this process in your journey towards truth. To be clear, these groups are for those questioning, leaving, or have left Christianity. We welcome questions; but proselytizing, threats or disrespectful comments will result in being banned the page as well as from the groups. Unkosher posts, or posts from unkosher sites (those that contradict Judaism's principles of faith), are deleted. ALL of our members including the Rabbis and Torah teachers are all properly vetted ensuring that you will never be misled again. We have Administrators that are in various time zones ensuring that this site as well as the groups are monitored 24/7 even on Shabbos, further insuring that you will be safe from internet trolls and troublemakers. These groups are the only of their kind anywhere on the internet.

With the success of the Facebook groups, this website is a resource for those who want to learn about Comversion, Judaism, Torah, the Noahide Path, and all aspects of Torah-true Jewish Life.