Torah Study

Rabbi Tovia Singer: is a world-renowned counter-missionary and author of the Let's Get Biblical series and founder and director of Outreach Judaism. In Indonesia, Outreach Judaism's program is managed under a local Jewish foundation, Eits Chaim Indonesia Foundation which describes itself as an advocate for the Jewish faith, the Jewish people and the State of Israel for Indonesia.


Rabbi Michael Skobac: is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Missionaries and Cults as well as the Director of Education and Counselling of Jews for Judaism (Canada).

Rabbi Chaim Coffman: teaches online classes for Noahides as well as a Conversion Prep class to prepare potential converts to go before the Beis Din.


Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron has learned in many Yeshivos including Mirrer Yeshiva, Torah Ohr, Shaar Yashuv and Ohr Yitzchak. Involved in Teaching and kiruv since 2010, currently Rabbi Zitron gives shuirim throughout the week in various locations including a Friday night shiur in his home as well as on


Rabbi Stuart Federow: is the Spiritual leader of Shaar Hashalom and author of the book, Judaism and Christianity: A Contrast

Rabbi David Aaron Rabbi David Aaron is the Founder and Dean of Isralight [], an organization founded in 1986 and housed in Jerusalem's Old City which is dedicated to inspiring a renaissance in Jewish living through Education, and Leadership Training. Rabbi Aaron serves as Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Orayta [], a division of Isralight, which offers an inspirational and comprehensive approach to Torah. He is also the author of several best–selling books including Endless Light, Seeing G-d, Living a Joyous Life, The Secret Life of G-d and The G-d Powered Life.


Michelle ComesLast loves kosher cooking and working through the challenges of making non kosher foods kosher.


Joe Buchanan's music is a  blend of southern soul and country charm, and is grounded in the belief that there is always more room at the table. Since joining the tribe four years ago, he has led Shabbat services, concerts, and workshops on choosing to be Chosen in communities across the United States. He's the host of Jewish Rock Radio’s Emerging Artist Showcase and has been featured at the URJ Biennial, NewCAJE, LimmudFest, the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival, and the Desert Gathering Jewish Music Festival. His music is used in services around the country and his first album, Unbroken, has received glowing reviews from magazines, newspapers, bloggers, and fans. Find out more about Joe at his website - and on Facebook as Joe Buchanan Music.


Charlie Barkin, Bezalel Chaim Ben Daniel Bar Kohane , is an inspirational writer on Jewish , political , and musical  topics.  Brought  up right wing Traditional  , he  became an Orthodox  Jew during his first marriage  when his  daughter was born.  Many years later , he guided his very spiritual fiance to become an Orthodox Jew, then married her .

Cindy Gray, is a retired lawyer, in the Orthodox conversion process and student of Jewish philosophy & mysticism (Kabbalah).